Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Elijah inside one of our new foot stools
We had a really good time at the Bible study this morning.  We got some work done this afternoon and then went down to Lorena for services there.  I really enjoy preaching in their services they are a really good group of people and we have grown very attached to them.  We are praying for God to send them a really good pastor.

Justin cooking hot dogs on the fire pit
We did a little Christmas shopping today and plan to do some more tomorrow.  It really is hard to work it in with our busy schedule of things we need to get done.  We did not go to the gym today but did yesterday.  I am hopeful we can work it in tomorrow before we head to Henderson. 

The dentist in Center, Texas will be visited by the pastor of Walnut Street Missionary Baptist Church and his wife on Thursday.  The good folks of Tyler, Texas may see them also doing a little Christmas shopping in their fair city on their way through.  Those two sure are in the Christmas spirit.  They have been making and list and checking it twice. The parsonage will have some outdoor Christmas lights if the pastor gets around to it this week.  Stay tuned for the pictures will most likely be posted here.  God bless you.

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