Monday, December 6, 2010

Attendance Up

We enjoyed our stay with the grandkids on Friday and Saturday and the talent show they were involved in.  The food was good.  We arrived at our daughter's house and went to work helping her get everything ready to go to the talent show.  Janie and I with help from the kids got the food ready to go and then got loaded up and headed out.  The talent show was real good and the three older grandkids each displayed a booth showing their talents and interests.  The next morning we went with them to Karate classes.  That was real interesting.  They had Jonathan, the three year old, test for a belt and he passed.  His "kata" was fun to watch.  I will place a video of it here if I can.

Joshua and Ruth by their booths at the talent show
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We had great services Sunday and it was good to see our attendance up even though we had several out sick.  Today I went to Fort Worth to be there with one of our church members who was having surgery.  Every thing went well and I got home, after a stop at the bank and the grocery store, about 3:00.  I had to run back up town to get some stamps and some envelopes for the France mission's treasurer.  The minute books were ready so I picked them up and will get them off in the mail this week.  All in all it has been a productive day.  I did a small amount of thesis reading and I have 2 more things I need to get done before I hit the hay.  The first is a trip to the gym and the second is my French lesson.  My conscience will be clear if I can get both of those worked in before my day ends.  God bless you.
Friday after Thanksgiving at our house in Hillsboro

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