Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Scott losing a game of table soccer to Hannah.
Stacie and Scott arrived Monday night and got settled in.  We went outside and started a fire in the fire pit and stayed up to see the lunar eclipse.  They got the older kids out of bed and let them see it as well.  We had a good time and slept fairly late this morning.  I took the kids to the post office and the grocery store.  At the grocery store Hannah kept asking me if I knew the person to whom I would speak.  I spoke to everyone in the store and each time the voice from beneath the cart would say "Do you know that person?"  When we got home we made fruitcake and homemade rolls.  I also made some hot sauce.  Janie went shopping with Stacie for four hours and poor old Elijah was really missing his mom.  The pictures below are some I have taken today. God bless you.
Jonathan playing with his Sidewalk chalk
Watching the lunar eclipse
Me and Joshua making rolls.
Grocery Shopping with Papa
It was 85 degrees today, the kids are shelling pecans.

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