Thursday, December 2, 2010


My aunt Laverne, my mother's sister, is in a hospital in Houston and is in very serious condition.  My prayers go up for her and her family.  This picture was taken in 2007 of her with her husband, Jesse, daughter, Judy and her son-in-law.  Her son, Keith was not able to attend the reunion that year. 

In my childhood years we did not see much of Laverne and her family.  Mostly we would see them during the summer time at my grandparents house.  I have nothing but fond memories of Laverne and Jesse. 

Janie at Canton Texas 1st Monday Trades day December 2010
Janie and I came to Henderson this afternoon by way of Canton.  Trades day was not crowded at all and we were able to park real close to one of the pavilions. We enjoyed shopping and this second picture is of Janie at one of her favorite booths.

I have been told that my mother now has a cell phone.  I am glad that she does and just hope she will not have any emergency where she will need it.  Maybe she will buy a computer next and join the blog-o-sphere.  I can just see her using Facebook and Twitter.  God bless you.

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