Friday, December 17, 2010

Good Secrets

Janie and Hannah
I am certain that everyone has secrets.  I am talking about secrets that you will take with you to the grave.  Some of these involve bad things like sins you have committed or embarrassing moments you tell no one about.  Some are thoughts that you share with no one. Some of these thoughts would be considered bad and embarrassing.  But there are secrets that are good.  Things you have done and experienced that are godly, noble, joyful and which go unknown by those who are apart of your public life.  You never bring them up and never tell a soul.  These secrets will go with you to the grave.
Janie and Elijah
There are wonderful things that only I know.  There are wonderful things I have done and experienced that will never be known.  Part of what makes these secrets so wonderful is the very fact that they are secret.  If they were told it would diminish and degrade their value.  What helps them to remain concealed is the fact that it would be impossible to describe them.  Without a proper frame of reference or some commonality you simple cannot express such secrets.
I believe that God puts these secret things in our lives so that we may have a special relationship with Him.  God knows all my wonderful secrets having given them to me and shares them with me.  He knows what joy and satisfaction they bring. I thank God for my blessings.  I would guess that a full one half of my blessings are secret and will not be known by this world.

My mother and father would have been married 64 years this Sunday.  My father has gone to his "long home" (Ecc 12:5) and I wonder what wonderful secrets he took with him.  I wonder what joys he had but never shared and could not share.  I think that my life surely is not unlike his.  These secret blessings, though not the same as mine, must surely have filled his life as well.
Mother and I had a good day together.  I fixed her plumbing problem and took her out to eat.  After the work was done we enjoyed a cup of hot tea, a slice of  caramel pie and good conversation.  She gave me some homemade bread, a Bible in a wooden box, and also sent a loaf bread by me to the Taylors for their Christmas.  
Janie is working hard helping her mother.  We will be heading back to Hillsboro tonight.  God bless you.

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