Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Janie and me talking to Jason on Skype this past Sunday
We ran into heavy traffic in Waco coming home from the services in Lorena.  We took side streets in Waco for a couple of miles to get north of town and then tried again to get upon the freeway.  We got on and drove about 30 mph for several miles.  The hold up turned out to be a street sweeper.  It made me glad that the route we take to Henderson is not heavily traveled.  The services in Lorena were really good.  We stayed after services and visited for an hour.  We went by Target on our way home and bought a few things.  I thought the traffic would be less the later it got but I was very wrong.
Mother did not like her new machine so traded it for another.

Tree at the end of our drive way in Hillsboro
The ladies Bible study this morning was well attended.  We only had one empty seat at the table which means we had 9 in all.  The table can seat 12 if we bring in a couple of extra chairs which we may have to do next week.  Tomorrow will be a busy day and then its off to Henderson for Thanksgiving day. 

My new glasses are due in on Friday so I will be looking much better Sunday.  My Sister, Jean, asked me to email some pictures to her son and I took care of that this afternoon.  I need to do the same for my other siblings.  I have a couple hundred pictures that my father took back in the 60's and 70's which sure bring back the memories. It did not take as long as I thought it would to scan those slides into the computer. I showed them to my mother and she enjoyed the trip down memory lane.  I have placed here a picture of her new sewing machine.  She was unhappy with the other new machine and so with her sister's help she traded it in for this one.  God bless you.

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