Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The adult class room tonight, 10 minutes before starting time.
I need to have my vision tested and need to get some new glasses. My eyes have lost their focus.  My mind at times loses its focus.  The symptom of this is when the things that should be high priority take a back seat to things that are not.  Yesterday and again today I have started getting back to focusing on the priority things.

My health should be high priority but it is so easy to not take time to eat right and to exercise.  Prayer would seem to be unproductive time.  It takes time to pray, time which could be used reading, writing, studying, and visiting all of which get something done.  Prayer is NOT unproductive time!!  Bible reading time takes away from garage cleaning time. Bible reading time is NOT unproductive time!! I am going to get back to focusing on priorities.

I stopped to smell the roses on my way back from the mail box.
Yesterday we had good times at the Bible study and evening services in Lorena.  Today I did not feel well but as the day progressed I felt better.  I really enjoyed preaching tonight.  I am a bit concerned for our Wednesday night adult class.  Counting just students we had 5 teenagers, 2 beginners, and 3 adults tonight. Last Wednesday night I had just 2 adults so we had prayer together and dismissed. Next week we will not have midweek services because I will be gone to the messenger meeting.  Some churches have stopped having midweek services because of lack of interest (or a lack of focus).  Some have also stopped Sunday evening services for the same reason.  I would hate to see that day come at Walnut Street.  My prayer is that people will regain their focus and put worship of God back as the highest priority in their busy lives.  God bless you.

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