Monday, November 22, 2010


A Thanksgiving in Ayer Mass. years ago.
Saturday and Sunday I did not feel 100% but am much better today.  Our services Sunday went very well and we had some visitors.  I preached a Thanksgiving sermon on Sunday morning and another one Sunday night.  Business meeting was short and uneventful.  I did not give a report on the MBA of Texas meeting as I had planned but will do that next Sunday  night. 

My grandparent's kitchen back in the 1960's
We went to the nursing home this morning and enjoyed our visit there.  We went by to visit with some members of our church but they had company so we will try them again some other time.  The bank, the Post Office, and the mission's treasurer all saw me today. I went to Brookshire's today to get the groceries we will need for Friday and Saturday.  They had, what I thought was a great deal.  If you bought a certain brand of turkey you got a bunch of stuff free.  I like free and the cost of the turkey was not bad.  I am looking forward to tomorrow.  We will have Bible Study in the morning and worship services in Lorena tomorrow night.

Me knee deep in snow in our backyard, Ayer Mass. 1968
Janie and I plan to head for Henderson after our services Wednesday night.  We are going to cook there the food we were assigned to bring that way it will be fresh.  I am suppose to make the rolls and with my mother-in-law's supervision I expect they will come out just right.  Thursday night we will return to Hillsboro.  On Friday we will be having 9 guests 5 of these are our grandchildren.  I expect we will have a really great time.  Turkey and dressing Friday at 1:00 or so and then for supper hot dogs cooked outside on the fire pit.  I bought 2 bags of marshmallows just for the kids to toast over the fire.  It is suppose to be clear and cold Friday night so that fire is going to feel good.

My oldest sister's wedding, Ayer, Mass
Even though I do not eat near as much as I use to I still like to cook and enjoy good food.  Thanksgiving is a great day for it is good to stop and think on all your blessings.  God has been good to me way above what I deserve.  Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, God bless you.

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