Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taking Over The House

The elections this week saw the House of Representatives taken over by the Republicans.  The Senate remained in the hands of the Democrats.  The President did not seem happy about this take over.  I personally think that Washington needs a good shake up, but the take over of the House this week was not it, not by a long shot.  For the kind of shake up I am looking for to take place the people of America must be shaken first.  I read, at least once every year, the most important history book ever written. It teaches that governments that are of God, by God, for God are the best governments.  A government of the people, by the people, and for the people only works if the people are true to the motto "In God We Trust."  The nation that puts God FIRST, will be prosperous and truly free.  I am an Independent when it comes to politics, voting for the person rather than the party.  I look for integrity and moral fiber in those for whom I vote.  I often have to vote for people who fall far short of what I seek.  I am an optimist.  Things are going to get better. The history book to which I referred teaches that.

Janie and I have been blessed indeed.  The high points of this week are as follows: We had a hot bowl of homemade chili on a cold afternoon with some very dear friends; We helped a neighbor, giving her a ride; We said our last goodbye to an elderly lady  who moved away to live near her son (pictured above, she is the one next to me, people kept stopping by to say a tearful goodbye to her while we were there, the other lady is one of her dear friends.)We helped our kids by fixing, loaning, and delivering our trailer to Palestine.  I taught a lesson on how to install a hot water heater; I scanned in some old 35mm slides that my dad gave me and took a trip down memory lane (the second picture is one of those slides and is of me with my siblings at the church in Ayer, Mass. about 1968); and last but not least we both got to teach God's word to some who needed its message of love and hope.

Clutter was taking over our house but we have this week begun to take back the house.  We are getting ready for company at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas.  Janie and I are headed back to Hillsboro tonight and plan to attend a surgery tomorrow and then, on Saturday, head to Palestine to baby sit our grandkids while furniture is loaded onto the above mentioned trailer.  Sunday, Lord willing, I will be preaching on the subject of "Six Things That Bring Down a Nation" taken from Ezekiel chapter 22.  This last picture is of me and my brothers, lets just say, a long time ago.  God bless you.

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