Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Tree is Up

The Christmas tree is up thanks to the grandkids.  We spent the day having fun with them.  They enjoyed decorating the tree and watching cartoons.  I sat at the table with them and colored in a coloring book insisting that they needed to sharpen their crayons.  I went to the closet and retrieved an old fashioned large pencil sharpener from my backpack and returned to the table. I proceeded to sharpen each crayon before using it.  This soon caught on and crayons were being sharpened for use by one and all.  I actually don't like to color and can't remember ever liking it. However I very much enjoyed spending time with my grandkids.
Janie giving Jonathan decorating pointers
I am in the Christmas spirit.  We have been watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music. We are planning to do this all the way to Christmas.  I want to put some lights up outside and may do that next week. 
Nearly done
We are going back to Henderson on Sunday night so we can go to the dentist on Monday.  We will return to Hillsboro Monday night and be here for our normal Tuesday activities.  The grandkids are going to be showing off their talents at a home schooler's event on Friday night next week so Janie and I are planning to go down to Moss Hill for that event.  We will stay the night with them and go with them on Saturday morning to their karate lessons.  They are so cute when they demonstrate for us what they have learned in karate.  We then plan to return to Hillsboro Saturday night.  All of these plans are of course dependent upon the Lord's will.  Merry Christmas and God bless you.

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