Friday, November 12, 2010


My mother and her new carpetToday I cut firewood mostly by hand with a hand saw.  I have a cordless saw but the batteries were only good for about four cuts.  They are new batteries so I don’t know what’s up with that.  I needed the exercise since I did not go to the gym today.  I got the firewood along side the roads near my in-law’s house.  Janie and I had gone to visit with her uncle this morning and on our way back I watched for limbs that had fallen and were beside the road.  I made the rounds with the car and cut the limbs and put them in the trunk.  I am planning to roast marshmallows with my grandkids when they come over for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The second picture is one I took with my cellphone by the side of the road when I was out cutting firewood.

IMG_0081Janie and I went to see my mother and her new carpet.  It looks very nice as you can see from the picture.  She likes it a lot.  She also painted her kitchen including the cabinets.  She does not seem to have hurt herself in any way so I say good for her.  She had some problem with her new sewing machine and had to take it to Longview for repair.  She went by herself but could not find the place so she went to her sister’s house and got her to go with her.  They repaired the machine and mother is happy again.  She somehow thought that she had bought a second hand machine but I assured her that I was there and it was a brand new machine out the box.  We had a good visit with her and I could not talk her into going to the Syrup festival tomorrow. 
I want to make myself a note here to remember to bring to the messenger meeting next week a CD of Bro. Harold Davis singing the song he wrote.  The moderator of the meeting called me today and wants to play that when they read the memorials at the meeting.  I think that is wonderful idea.  God bless you.

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