Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The Taylor house on Thanksgiving day
My father-in-law on Thanksgiving day.
We had good services Sunday though our attendance was low.  Sunday night after church we went over to Henderson.  We got to our dentist appointment early Monday afternoon and had to wait in parking lot for 30 minutes due to the office being closed for lunch.  Janie was called back first to have her teeth cleaned.  They found that she had a small cavity.  This is a first for her.  I on the other hand have had many.  I was in the dentist chair for a couple of hours while they prepared my broken tooth for a 3/4 crown. Some of that time I had to wait and so I read a book on the Song of Songs on my cell phone.  The dentist and her assistants were interested in the fact that I had Kindle on my cell phone. I gave them a tour of my phone.  We have an appointment for Thursday next week where both of us will have a cavity filled.  My crown will be ready sometime in January. We returned to Hillsboro by way of our daughter's house.  We worked on a computer problem there with no success.
We had a good time at the Bible study this morning.  After the Bible study I drove up to Dallas for Clint's surgery.  His surgery went very very well. We canceled the services in Lorena for this evening due to my being in Dallas.
We are planning to go to Canton on Thursday then over to Janie's parents for the night.  Friday morning should find us on our way down to Moss Hill to see the grandkids in their talent show.  Right now I am headed for bed.  I have finished transferring one of Bro. Davis' sermons to an MP3 file on my computer.  I hope to do many more of these to preserve them.  In the future I plan to post them on his website.  God bless you.

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