Saturday, October 15, 2011

Work Day

One of our deacons replacing water damaged Sheetrock
We had a work day today at the church and there was a good turnout.  We got a lot of work done and it was work that really needed to be done.  The windows got a face lift with replacement of rotted boards and fresh paint.  They look really nice now.  I started to replace some Sheetrock on the ceiling when one our newest deacons showed up and I turned it over to him.  He did and outstanding job.  I made two runs to the lumber yard for materials and then a run over to the Pizza place to feed at least some of the workers.  We could all say without exception that we were tired by the end of the day. 
Another deacon with his daughter
I visited my mother on Thursday after first stopping at the nurses station to get the scoop on mother's nausea and ordeal.  Armed with the truth I went to mother's room to hear her story.  She had a visitor in her room when I arrived and the wheel chair riding lady seemed to be causing mother to smile so I did not want to interrupt.  The lady heard me approach and quickly excused herself to let me visit.  Mother began to cry and was convinced that no one had been to see her when she had been so sick.  She said that not even the staff and looked in on her or tired to help her.  This was not the truth but since mother can not remember what happened more that 24 hours ago it keeps her upset.  I proved to her that she had been checked on and that people had been to see her.  Once she was convinced of the truth she was fine.  We had a good visit and I left her laughing and feeling good.  The problem with her condition is that tomorrow she will not remember my visit nor our conversation.  I visited her 3 times on Thursday but today she does not remember it. 
Friday I went fishing for 3 hours with my brother, Steve.  We had a good time.  He caught about 8 and I caught 1.  The sunburn was worth it.  God bless you.

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