Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sweet and Sleepy

Naomi, #11, mad according to mommy but sweet
Sarah took this picture and sent it to my cell phone.  She said Naomi was mad but I sent her back a text saying she was sweet.  We will try to go by and see her the end of this week.  She is doing really well and Sarah got good report from her doctor yesterday.
Stacie went to the doctor yesterday and she is due to have her sixth child on May 24th.  This will be our 12th grandchild.  We are truly blessed.  We will be going down to Hardin to visit with them on the 24th of this month. 
Elijah, #9, to sleepy to eat
I began the series of sermons on the Song of Songs this past Sunday morning.  I am looking forward to the series and am excited about the first 2 sermons.  I fully expect to be just as excited about the rest of them.  There should be about 30 sermons in all from The Song.
My mother has been having some problems and I am told she was sick yesterday.  I got a phone call from the nursing home at 2:00 this morning saying they gave her a shot for her nausea and that she was now sleeping soundly.  They believe that it was recent change in her medicine that caused this nausea so they are going to consult her doctor this morning.  I am going to see her on Thursday.  I have several items of business to take care of in Henderson while Janie is taking her mother to the doctor on Thursday and to the hairdresser on Friday.
Me waiting to preach my first sermon from "The Song"
It is raining this morning and we need every drop. The 4 inches we got last weekend was really good and it looks like we may be getting another inch or two right now.  I praise God for the rain!  Our new truck is really nice.  I am going to make Janie a chifferobe and we went to Lowes and got the materials for it.  It was nice to have a truck to haul things. The gas millage in the truck is about 19 mpg but the comfort is worth it.  God bless you.

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