Saturday, October 22, 2011


Naomi in Papa's hands
Janie and I got very wet when I broke the PVC water pipe I was working on. She was watching me work when the pipe broke and the spray of water hit her in the side of her head and soaked my shirt hitting me square in the chest. I ran outside, while being hit square in the back by the stream of water, to shut it off. We got the mess cleaned up and the pipe repaired. This all happened at my mother's house on Thursday.  I got to thinking the other day that my parents lived in this house for 9 years saving them $54,000 in rent based on what they were paying in rent for their apartment in Longview. This benefit was afforded them by the one child out of five whom they charged rent for living with them while he was working and saving for college.  No complaint though for they charged $35.00 a month which included food and laundry services which was not a bad deal.  Later my dad stopped charging me rent since I was planning to move back to Texas to attend college.  A few years before he died my dad said he did not remember charging me rent.  I can understand his not remembering for there are things that my kids remember growing up of which I have no memory.  This is the reason I like blogging.  It helps my short memory.
Justin and Sarah's new home
Friday we were called upon to babysit with Naomi and we jumped at the chance.  We dropped what we had planned for the day and got right over to Palestine after our visit with mother and her doctor.  Mother was in real bad shape mentally when we arrived for our appointment with her and the doctor.  Steve was in the room when we arrived and mother was weeping.  Mother would not be reasoned with and so Janie went to get the nurse to see if they could give her something to help her out.  Janie returned with the doctor in tow.  The doctor could not get anything out of mother so she asked to meet with us back at the nurses station.  We had a good discussion with her about mother's condition and agreed to stop giving her the two medicines that treat her memory loss.  She changed some of her other medicines and will evaluate her in a week to see if changes need to be made.  Today mother is doing very well so maybe the change is starting to work.
We went to the district ladies auxiliary meeting today and had a really good time.  Janie and I were the only ones who attended from our church but the total attendance was 35.  The skit, sermon, and food were all real good.  Tomorrow I will try again to preach the first actual sermon from the Song of Solomon.  Janie and I are going to sing a special before the sermon.  God bless you.

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