Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Favorite Plumber

Lunch with Naomi
On Wednesday we had lunch with Naomi and Sarah.  She is a sweet baby and is doing very well.  We enjoyed the hour or so we were there and after leaving them we made it home in time for our evening services.  The attendance was low but we had a good service. 
Parsonage Plumbing Problems
Today I helped Sullivan Supply with a computer problem and helped my favorite plumber fix a leak inside the wall of our guest bathroom.  He had to cut an access hole in both of our closets.  The pipe coming from the lavatory was in real bad shape and had to be replaced.  He made quick work of it and this evening I patched the access holes.  It was a big mess.  I started the morning working on my thesis and the sermon for Sunday but that lasted only about an hour when I got the call from Sullivan Supply and from the plumber.  My day has not gone as I had planned but then it rarely does. 
I just watched the "180 Movie" (33 minutes long) and would recommend that everyone do so.  It is outstanding.  God bless you.

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