Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Me and Jonathan
We already have more than 4000 miles on our new truck.  It seems like we live on the road.  Our services were good on Sunday.  I preached from the first verse of the Song of Solomon.   Doctor Roy Culley told me that he thought I had bit off more than I could chew when I chose this book for my doctoral thesis and I fully understand why he feels that way.  It is a tough book. 
Me and my son-in-law at his new farm
Monday we went to Palestine to see Naomi and have lunch with Sarah.  We then headed down to Hardin to see our grandkids home school cooperative program.  It was really good.  Joshua acted in two skits that were really funny.  Ruth played in a stomp band that was very impressive.  Hannah played the part of the only adult survivor of the Alamo.  It was a great night.  Right before the program my mother called me saying she wanted me to come help her move back home.  I told her I would talk to her about that on Thursday.  We ended up driving to Henderson and spending the night there so I could go see my mother Tuesday morning.  Steve and Teresa met me there and mother was in a bad mood.  She had been refusing her medications and she seemed to think they were bringing her a pill to make her feel better.  I went to check on it with my brother and they brought her pills to her and she took them under extreme protest.  She threw the medicine cup at the nurse and told her to get out.  After about an hour she was feeling better and seemed more like herself when her "happy pill" kicked in.  They came that afternoon and took her to the hospital in Kilgore for a mental evaluation.  She will be there for two weeks.  I intend to go see her this afternoon.  I spoke with the nurse last night and he said mother was doing fine and had been very cooperative. 
I was texting with my youngest daughter just now.  She had a big scratch on her arm from a turkey attack.  I offered to buy one of her turkeys and she was agreeable.  She said I could have one for free if they could watch me catch it.  I think I'll just pay the going price and forgo the spectacle for I am sure the bird would not be cooperative.  God bless you.

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