Thursday, October 27, 2011


Me and my mother at the hospital in Kilgore
The crows are really in a talkative mood this mild autumn morning as are the blue jays.  The wind is blowing and it sure looks like rain.  I can understand why my parents were glad to move from their apartment in the city to this little house in the woods.  It is so quiet and peaceful here.  This house has had many names.  Usually we call it by the name of the last person who lived in it.  It was called Stacie and Scott's house then Jason and Angie's house now it is called Mamaw's house.  Janie and I have taken to staying here when we come for our weekly visits to check on and help our mothers.  I suppose it will come to be known as Janie and Paul's house now.  That does not seem to fit since we consider Hillsboro our home so Janie and I have taken to calling it "The Cottage."  Bethsalem would be Hebrew for house of peace and this morning that name seems appropriate. 
Janie and her mother at County Line Church (38 years later)
Janie and I went to see mother yesterday at the hospital in Kilgore.  The staff said she had been crying some but when we arrived she seemed fine.  I could tell she was glad to see familiar faces.  We embraced and then were taken to a conference room where we were given an update on her status.  They had asked her a lot of questions about her family past and present.  Some of the information she had given them was incorrect and so we set the record strait.  She has an infection (UTI) and they are treating her with antibiotics.  This alone can cause mental problems.  They have taken her off some of her meds and put her on others.  So far mother has not refused to take her meds but she has refused to participate in the group activities.  She seems to be clear about where she is and why. 
The last thing mother said to me before we took her back to her room was that she wanted to move back to her "little house."  Janie explained to her why that would not be a good thing for her and mother acknowledged that she was right.  I asked mother if she remembered the time when I was six years old and I ran away from home.  She smiled and said yes then began to tell me the story.  I told her that she came and brought me back home because she new I could not take care of myself and I was not thinking clearly.  It was right for her to do what was best for me.  In the same way we are doing what is best for her.  She seemed content and peaceful when we left her.  I intend to return to see her again today and have been praying for her.
We took my mother-in-law to her church Wednesday night and enjoyed the services there.  I missed being at our church and am really looking forward to being back in the pulpit Sunday.  God bless you.

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