Monday, February 27, 2012

"G" Rated

Cole gave Janie a b-day card and a pot plant.
This weekend was a Great one.  There was a Good crowd at Walnut Street Baptist church for both services.  The messaGe from the SonG of SonGs received a "G" ratinG.  The Sunday niGht sermon was lonGer than the usual Sunday niGht sermon but was very enjoyable, at least to the pastor.  The Holy Spirit of God is stirrinG in the hearts of the church and Good thinGs are happeninG.  A very Good bass sinGer joined Heaven's choir last week and we miss him so very much.  God sent this wonderful bass sinGer to Walnut Street to help out the choir and especially the pastor.  He was such an encouraGement to all.  We really miss him. 
Janie with mother and her new dress
The back yard finally dried up enouGh to mow.  It looks so much better now.  The outside faucet does not leak any more now that it has a new washer and bib screw.  The pastor's portion of the bulletin is ready to Go for next Sunday and the SonG of SonGs sermon for next Sunday is off to a Good start.  A "chick flick" was enjoyed by this pastor and his sweet wife and now it is time to bloG and head for bed.  It feels Good to get a lot done in a day.  Here's hoping tomorrow will be the same.  This has been a "G", (as in Great), rated day!  God bless you.

7 puzzles Mother put together in the dinning room
Preaching from the Song of Songs

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