Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The Wizard of Oz, staring Robbie M.
Monday morning found us in Waco were one of the young ladies of our church had surgery.  We went to see the Wizard of Oz Monday night.  The elementary students did an outstanding job performing.  One of the kids from our church was the Wizard.  It was two hours of really good fun.  I think that I would rather see elementary students in a play than go to a movie. 
The services Sunday were good.  We had a good crowd including a couple from Minnesota who were passing through.  I did not have near enough time to get the whole sermon in.  I skipped major portions of the text in order to finish in a reasonable time.  I plan to cover that which I skipped in our adult class on Wednesday night.  People keep asking me how my thesis is coming and I wish I could say it is on schedule but it is not.  There is no way I can have it finished by May so I am now shooting for November.
Janie's new cabinet
This past weekend we served as a host home for the teenage boys from our church who participated in the Disciple Now weekend.  There turned out to be just one boy who stayed Friday and Saturday night in our home.  He was not a member of our church but a guest invited by one of the other kids who attend our youth group activities.  The young man was really polite and an excellent guest.  We shared the Gospel of Christ with him and he professed Christ as his savior.  It was a wonderful time.  The preacher they had chosen did an excellent job preaching to the young people.  If they do his next year I want them to count us in. 
Carrie, our Youth Director, at DNOW
We went to Canton on Thursday last week.  Janie bought a cabinet which was on sale for half price.  We made a run over to Henderson to pick up a few things we thought we would need for the DNOW weekend but as it turned out we did not need them.  I did not have time to go by and see mother but I plan to see her on Thursday this week.
My brother, Steve, called me today and invited me to join him for a camp out at the lake on Friday night.  It is suppose to rain but I agreed to join him.  We are planning a hiking trip and I am sure we will discuss that at length while we are testing our gear.  I have a new sleeping pad and want to try it out.  I also want to try a new backpack for comfort.  I suspect we may do a little fishing as well.  God bless you.
Robert and David, deacons helping with DNOW in our home

Martha, Sherry, and Shelley serving at DNOW
Mike, our newest deacon, had signs made for our church doors
DNOW, All you can eat spaghetti
Naomi is still a sweety

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