Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Middle Son"

My mother on Thursday
Mother was doing very well on Thursday.  She was working on a jigsaw puzzle when her "middle son" arrived for a visit.  She was wearing a necklace that her sister had given her.  Laying on the table beside her bed was a stack of crocheted squares.  She has no plans for them; She just did them to have something to do.  "Middle son" had to take care of some financial business for her but was not able to do so due to an early closing of the office at the nursing home.  That business will just have to wait until next week.
Steve, the oldest son of Clyde and Juanita Clark, camping
"Oldest son" and "middle son" went camping at a state park on Friday.  It was cool and damp upon arrival at the park and rained just a little bit.  "Oldest" started a camp fire and it sure felt good as the temperature dropped with the sun.  "Middle" had agreed to camp out so he could try out some new hiking gear.  The new balloon bed was very comfortable but the new balloon pillow did not work out at all.  So it is back to the drawing board for that idea.  The bed needs some small adjustments so the prototype will be thrown out and replaced with the finished model.  "Middle" tossed and turned a lot during the night but over all slept really well in a 20 degree down sleeping bag atop a home made balloon mattress.  6:00 AM arrived quickly which is a sure sign that the sleep was good.  Hated are the nights when it seems like forever before the morning comes. 
Naomi smiling
"Middle" and his wife "Janie" (also a "middle") went back to Hillsboro by way of Naomi Bachman's house.  They found her being sweet as ever.  She permitted them to hold her as long as they fed her something.  When that something ran out it was back to her mama.  "Little Mexico" is Naomi's grandfather's favorite restaurant in Palestine and he seems to be unable to pass through that town without stopping in there for a bite to eat.  The place put Naomi to sleep so while she napped everyone else ate.
"Middle" is now blogging and needs to push those clocks forward and get to bed.  He is looking forward to the services tomorrow.  Its back to the Song of Songs and a very interesting text indeed.  Sunday night's sermon is not decided upon yet but whichever one it ends up being it will be from God's Holy Word.  God bless you.
6:00AM breakfast at camp, oatmeal and grits with Hot Chocolate
Alcohol stove boils 2 cups of water in a mater of minutes
The Vargo "Hex" wood stove is a keeper
The campfire is the best part of winter camping

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