Saturday, March 17, 2012

Me Too

On Monday of this week Janie and I went down to Waco and bought 6 sheets of plywood. Tuesday afternoon I worked on making a 3 tier bunk bed for our grandkids. While I was working in the garage the birds were singing away outside. I began to notice that one of the birds sounded just like it was saying "Me too, me too." I called Janie as a witness and she agreed that it did sound just like the bird was saying "me too."
I had dreamed up this bunk bed design in my head and having spent some time working as a draftsman I got to work drawing up the plans. It was fun working on this project and seeing my vision become a reality. I got all the pieces sawed out by Wednesday afternoon and loaded it on to the truck and after services we headed to Henderson. My mother-in-law had a computer problem so we took the bed over to her house and after I got her problem taken care of I set out to router the edges and sand the bunk bed.
I had the sanding all done before the grandkids arrived. After supper we assembled the bed and let the kids climb all over it. They enjoyed that.
Today we stained and painted the bunk bed and after it dried we loaded it onto a trailer for them to hall it to their house.
This bunk bed is put together like a jigsaw puzzle. There are no bolts or screws holding it together. It stacks very neatly in the bed of pickup truck. I will post pictures below of this project.
Janie and I have a double date with a couple we have known for years but have not seen in a long time. We will be meeting them for lunch and then will be heading back to Hillsboro by way of Kilgore to see my mother. Enjoy the pictures. God bless you.

Scott and the grandkids

Elijah's 2nd birthday present

Hannah's 7th birthday present

Enjoying spring at the cottage

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