Saturday, February 11, 2012

Good Vacation

Janie at the cemetery, trying to stay out of camera shot
It was a good vacation.  Our oldest daughter and her five children left this afternoon about 3 and Janie and I went to the State park near by to see if the lake was up and then over to see her mother by way of the cemetery.  One of the flower arrangements had fallen over and we took it away to see if it could be fixed up. When we arrived at my mother-in-law's I helped her with a computer question while Janie fixed her some supper.  She hopes to be able to be in church this Sunday. 
Fallen flowers
It was nice to have the grandkids share in our vacation.  The kids helped cut down some small trees and blazed a short trail through the woods behind the cottage.  They enjoy working in the woods.  I am trying to clear a path back to the property line and they have been a big help with that job.  While they worked clearing land and blazing trails I cut out another portable picnic table and have it ready to sand and paint.
We took the grandkids with their mother in tow to see Janie's mother and my mother on Thursday.  My mother is doing very well and seems happy.  She was picking at the two youngest boys tickling them which reminded me of my grandfather for he use to like tickling us when we were little. 
Built a guard around the stove pipe in the loft
We ate supper with Janie's mother which was basically a potluck supper.  We brought leftovers and combined them with her leftovers and food prepared by Janie's niece.  It was good and our granddaughter, Ruth, helped clean up the mess afterward.  I took the kids for a short walk and our grandson, Joshua, got to give his new skateboard a workout.  Janie's mother is having some problems with her feet and is going back to the doctor on Monday.  I installed a couple of new hand holds around her bathtub while we were there on Thursday.  It has been a very productive vacation and most of all I have relaxed at least mentally and am ready to hit the ground running again come Sunday.
My Blog may be much neglected in the next two months as I put forth my best effort to finish my doctoral thesis.  I need to turn in the ruff draft by early April so I can get the corrections made and the book printed by the middle of May.  Janie may not be seeing much of me as I make this final push for the finish line.  My stress level will be greatly reduced once this task is done.  Enjoy some of the pictures I have posted below of our vacation. God bless you.
Elijah, one messy, tired little boy
Spring flowers are here early
Movie night with the grandkids
A propane tank becomes a school bus
A visit with my mother
Trying out Papa's breakdown picnic table
Jonathan and Elijah playing on Papa's trailer
Mother and me after the nursing home service Sunday

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