Monday, February 6, 2012

A Rare Preaching Engagement

Childproofing the rail upstairs at the cottage
It may be a very rare event when I am able to preach at the nursing home where mother is.  Janie and I attended services at a Baptist church which is just a little over a mile from the cottage.  One of my TBI instructors is the pastor there.  The services were really good and the message the pastor preached was outstanding.  We returned to the cottage for lunch and then loaded mother's chair and sewing machine up and headed off to see her.  We put her things in her room and visited for a few minutes before heading to the cafeteria for the services.  Janie played the very old upright piano which they had while I led the singing.  I preached a sermon entitled "The Ultimate Destination of the Child of God."  We stayed after the services to visit a while with mother. She is doing really well and was glad to have her sewing machine.
Mother this afternoon after the services
The rail that surrounds the staircase upstairs needed to be child proof so we bought some lattice and got the job done.  The grandkids will be here this week and we don't want to worry about them falling down the stairs.
A man from a pipeline company stopped by the other day to negotiate with us terms for putting a pipeline across our property.  It will be on the very western edge of the property and they will be clearing a path 50 feet wide the length of our property line.  It will be good to have the land cleared for it is a jungle right now.  In the 35 years we have owned this place we have never done anything constructive with it.  We bought this 7.555 acres with the house that was on it for $12,500.00 by the time we got it paid off after 15 years it actually cost us about $24,000.00. 
My mother-in-law's birthday present
Having sold the timber and having received royalty payments over the years for the minerals and now being paid for a pipeline right of way the land has more than paid for itself.  Most of the north western part of our land is flood prone and useless for building.  The pipe line will be in that area so it will be no huge loss to us.  God truly blessed us back in 1976, as He has all through our lives. 
The grandkids will be here tomorrow and that is exciting to us.  I have work all lined out for them.  We will go over to see my mother-in-law to do some work there and then over to let the grandkids see my mother.  If the weather is pretty we will sit around a camp fire in the evenings and will build another knock down picnic table and clear some land.  It is going to be a really good time.  God bless you.

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