Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tuesday at the Ladies Bible study at our house (birthdays)
It has been a busy week and things unexpected and unplanned have kept me from getting more done.  These things of which I speak were things that needed to be done and I am not displeased with them or that they have kept me from my goal.  God's plans for our day are better than our own.
There were not many in my class Wednesday night but where 2 or 3 are gathered in His name He is in their midst. Janie and I went to see Naomi and her parents.  They were doing well and we enjoyed having supper with them.  Friday I spent with Janie and her mother.  I needed to take care of some business in Tyler which did not pan out like I had expected.  We spent Friday evening at the cottage and watched some movies. 
Naomi eating in Janie's lap
This morning I got up and worked on typing up the sermon for Sunday.  That is finished now and Janie and I have just gotten back from taking a walk down the road.  They are about to put a pipe line across our property and we walked down to see where they had flagged the trees marking where the pipe line will be. I am anxious to see what the property will look like without the jungle even if it is only a 50 foot wide path across it.  I need to continue the project of clearing the land behind the cottage.  I would like for that path to intersect the pipe line path when all is said and done.
Sarah and Justin's new puppy
We are going to go by and see my mother on our way back to Hillsboro this afternoon.  I am looking forward to seeing how she is doing. 
It has rained all night and even some today but tomorrow is suppose to be sunny and pleasant.  I am hoping for a big crowd at church tomorrow.  God bless you.

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