Monday, February 13, 2012

Let it Snow

The special music right before the sermon
As we left for church tonight it was snowing.  This was not in the forecast.  I have been making remarks to my Facebook friends in Massachusetts about our warm winter and when I looked the other day it was the same temperature here as there and now it is snowing.  What's up with that?  The snow did not stick of course for the ground is way to warm for that.
We had really good services today and I believe that things, for the most part, are looking up for our church.  The attendance was good even though we had many out sick.  The sermon this morning went longer than normal which was surprising because I thought it would actually be shorter than the other sermons from the Song of Songs.  The special in music was a song entitled "If the Rapture were yesterday would you still be here today?" The lady who sang it did an outstanding job!
Cole, the young boy in Janie's Sunday School class
This week will be a busy one as I get back to the grindstone after vacation.  I will be preaching at the nursing home at 10:00 and then take care of some business in town before going to the office for some serious thesis writing.  God bless you. 
This bloom caught my eye right before time to leave for church
Naomi on Saturday, we went by to see her on our way back to Hillsboro

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