Sunday, January 10, 2016

My parents Christmas 1972
My parents were 48 years old in this picture.  It would be their last Christmas in Massachusetts.  The next Christmas after this one would find them in Texas getting ready to attend my wedding near Timpson, Texas.   I had no Idea that I would be getting married one year and 2 days after I took this picture.
Janie and I are packing for our trip to France.  We are really looking forward to our 2 weeks there.  We are not looking forward to the long flight.  Our youngest daughter and her husband are going to take us to the airport. 
My mother's father 1973 Gary, Texas
This second picture is of my grandfather.  I am not sure who took the picture but I want you to notice the chair on the porch right behind my grandfather.  He use to turn that chair upside down and lay back against it to take a nap.  I think about that every time I take a nap.  I had some wonderful times at this old home place.  I do miss it.  Well, speaking of naps, its time for me to head for bed.  Early to bed early to rise.......  God bless you.

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