Friday, January 1, 2016

Me and my mother a few months back.
Happy New Year!  It is 2016 and I have plans to blog this year.  We went to see my mother this week and she was doing well.  Her sister, Maxine, was there when we arrived.  She had brought mother some cookies and was helping her to fold clothes when we walked in.  My aunt, Maxine, has always been such a sweet and caring person.  I want to emulate her kindness.  Janie and I celebrated new years with her mother.  We like to watch "chick flicks" with my mother-in-law and so that is how we occupied our time waiting for the arrival of 2016.  My mother-in-law retired early but we stayed up until midnight and with a kiss started the new year.  It is going to be a good year.... We are off to Hamburg, Arkansas to bind minute books for the MBA of Texas then its off to France for 2 weeks on January 12th.  In June I will be preaching a week long revival service at a church in Shelby county before traveling to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the ABA meeting.  If the LORD be willing 2016 will see me complete my 14th year as the pastor at WSBC and 43 years of marriage to the best wife ever.   
Janie with our daughters and granddaughters -2

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