Monday, February 8, 2016

2016 Thus Far

2016 found us first in Arkansas binding minute books.  It then found us in France by way of Madrid Spain.  It next found us burying my mother's cremains in Beckville, Texas.  What it has in store for us next the LORD only knows.
The book binding machine in Hamburg, Arkansas
Playing chess with the grandsons in Limoux, France. Yes, I won both games.
A Castle near Limoux, France. Kids in school, we enjoyed sight seeing with
Jason and Angie.
Enjoyed playing in the snow with the kids on a mountain near Limoux, France
Arianna and I gathered the eggs in Limoux, France.
Church services in Limoux, France.  I preached, Jason translated
Jason gave us a tour of Toulouse, France.
On the river walk in Toulouse, France.  Enjoyed lunch with Jason which
included real French Fries.  
Laid my mother's cremains to rest next to dad's
at Langley Cemetery Beckville, Texas

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