Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Song of Songs

The cover to my book on the Song of Solomon
I have published my book on you can find it there by simply searching for its name "Climbing The Palm Tree."  When I was a child I enjoyed reading the book "Treasure Island."  Edgar Allen Poe's short story "The Gold Bug" is also one I enjoyed.  The search for the meaning of the Song of Songs was like a treasure hunt for me.  I was obsessed with finding the truth about this the most puzzling book of the Bible.  When I finished this treasure hunt I was not at all disappointed.  I am so glad to have my questions answered.  I remember helping Dr. Harold Davis, my mentor, one day at his house.  While we moved a pile of firewood I asked him one question after another about the Song of Songs and to each of these questions he answered "I don't know."  He died before my work on the Song of Songs was completed.  I rest assured and am comforted knowing that he knows more about the Song now than I will ever know this side of Heaven.  

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