Friday, November 18, 2011

MBA of TEXAS Mother's B-Day

Janie and ladies of our church doing the skit Tuesday
The messengers of the churches of the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas met at our church.  The meeting went real well though Janie and I are exhausted.  During the meeting with some 375 people at our church the sewer backed up and we had to call my favorite plumber and have a truck come and pump out the septic tank.   They had us fixed up in a couple of hours.  It has been a big job taking care of things at the church with all the people there.  The next time we host this meeting we will have some help. 
Ralph and the poster picture of mother
We will be keeping three of our grandchildren for the next several days and I plan to enjoy that to the fullest.  Afterward I am going to take a few days to do nothing but rest.
Today we celebrated my mother's 87th birthday.  My youngest brother and his wife did a real good job hosting the party.  Ralph printed a poster size picture of mother for her birthday.  Mother was very happy and seemed to enjoy the party. 
After we visited with her a while we drove over to Palestine to pick up the turkey.  Sarah had it caught and caged by the time we got there.  She is very good with farm animals.  She knew it would be best to catch and cage the turkey alone without an audience of strangers which would just stir up the turkeys.  We have him in the shed for the night and will dress him out tomorrow.  The kids seem to be looking forward to that process.  It is 38 degrees outside right now and I have heard that kind of temperature "hog killing weather."  In our case it will be a turkey. 
My mother and 2 of her siblings on her 87th B-day
We plan to return to Hillsboro with the grandkids in tow on Saturday.  I am going to preach a Thanksgiving sermon on Sunday.   Enjoy the pictures I have posted of our recent activities.  God bless you.
Mother, her sons and daughters-in-law
Mother with B-day cake and hat
Thanksgiving's main course begins his journey to the table
Janie holding Naomi while the Turkey is loaded up

Elijah makes a face for the camera at lunch time today

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