Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Cold

Naomi's picture finally on the wall
A cold came my way and has settled in for what most likely will be a two week stay.  It caused me to run a fever the past two days and has threatened to take away my voice.  It has caused me to cough a lot and to keep a roll of toilet tissue by my side which has turned my nose into one similar to that of Santa's leading rein deer.  I would have enjoyed the grandkids more without this hindrance. 
Sunday my voice was rough but I made it through two sermons and choir practice.  I did not sing much and had no problem reaching the lowest notes.  Joshua led the singing for me at the nursing home and did an outstanding job.  The people could hear him just fine and he sings really well.
Monday found me in bed most of the day sick with a fever.  I did not sleep well at all.  I can not afford to be sick due to my work load.  With a thesis to write, sermons to prepare, clerk work to get done, I don't need a day off sick.  Even though I plan to take a few days off to relax I will be working at least some on my thesis.
Joshua led the singing for me at the nursing home on Sunday
I got up early this morning and took our truck to have its first oil change.  The man at the car dealer could not believe that I had put over 6000 miles on the truck in such short time.  I was able to type one page on my thesis with constant interruptions from the kids, the coughs, and the nose blowing. 
It will feel good when I feel good and I am looking forward to that.  God bless you.   

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