Friday, March 21, 2014


Janie's vantage point on Sunday Morning.
Spring is here and I love hearing the birds sing and seeing the flowers bloom.  I don't care for the allergies and they have hit me hard this year.  I have been known to lose my voice in the spring but so far that has not been a problem.  I was sick Wednesday and missed church due to having a temperature of 100.4.  I hate to be sick and hate missing church even worse. 

The repairs to the church building are coming along good.
Had a good visit with mother.  Her short term memory is getting worse.
I met with the nursing home staff to discuss mother's care.  They are doing a good job taking care of her.  Mother had been sick but was all better today.  She was smiling and happy.  When she came to the nursing home she weighed 126 pounds and she weighs 144 now.  She says she does not do anything but walk the halls and sit in her room.  The activities director says that she does go to some of the activities and to the church services occasionally.  Mother has no memory of any of this and I have found that she really does not remember anything which happened even minutes before.  She had returned from supper about an hour before our visit and she did not know that she had even been to supper yet.  She could not remember how many children she had no idea of how many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  I review the status of my family with her but I know that she will retain none of that information.  I do dread the day when I enter her room and she does not know who I am.  God bless you.

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Anastacia Maness said...

I want to go visit her next time we are in town. I remember when Mama got to that point of not recognizing anyone. So sad.