Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winter is almost gone but not yet

2 of the teenagers from our church at the park in Hillsboro.
Janie and I helped with the "DNOW" youth activity this year.  The young men pictured above took this picnic table out of our truck and it took them a little over 4 minutes to figure out how it went together and assemble it. They did it without any hints from me.  I like helping with the youth activities of our church but am very glad that we have a young lady who does the lion's share of the work.  It was a beautiful day with the temperature of 80 degrees.   It is nice to have a warm day in the winter time.
Janie practices the songs she will be playing at church on Sunday mornings.
Winter returned with a vengeance the next day however.  The temperature dropped to the low 20's and we were hit with a sleet storm like we have not seen in a long time.  We had to cancel our evening services on Sunday.

It was tough keeping the chickens water thawed out.
I have gone two weeks and a day without any headaches.  I did have a root canal this past week.  I did not really dread it all that much and sure enough it was quick and easy.  The Endodontist used a device that made the whole procedure so much more comfortable.  It was like a rubber shield that caught all the water and grindings keeping them out of the mouth.  He also used very little deadening for my lip and face did not feel numb at all.  It was a very good but expensive experience.
Got to Skype with our son and his family who are in France.
Every time we Skype with Jason and his family I think of the Jetsons.  It is wonderful to be able to talk to them and see them at the same time.  One of the amazing things about it is that it is virtually free.
My mother did not feel well when we went by to see her last week.
Mother was in a good humor when we went by for a visit but she did not feel well enough to sit up.  We will be going to see her tomorrow Lord willing and I hope she is feeling better.
Clearing the driveway to the cottage.. a never ending battle.
After a visit with mother we went to check on things at our house and cottage in Henderson.  It seems like I have to clear away dead trees or fallen branches every time we go to the cottage.  I get out and grab the saw and Janie grabs her camera.
Janie and her mother at Waldrop Cemetery
Naomi has learned to use and iPhone to take selfies.
James has not learned the iPhone yet but he is one happy boy.
I know where James and Namoi get their intelligence and disposition.
The Rangel family joined us at the nursing home and sang for the glory of God
It was the best nursing home service I can remember this past Monday.  Art and Yvonne are school teachers and were off on spring break so they came to the service and sang.  Robbie, one of the young men from our church also joined us there.  Robbie's parents were at the hospital at the time.
I love to preach at the nursing home.
Yesterday was a great day for golf.  This Art my spanish teacher. Yes he won.
I hurt my back today so I am going to have to take it easy for a few days.  May God bless you.

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