Thursday, August 9, 2012

Grandchildren 2012

Our grandchildren Summer 2012
Janie and I have 12 grandchildren and number 13 is due the end of January 2013.  We love our grandkids.  They are, one and all, good kids.  It would be nice to have that many grandkids and yet still have the energy that we had before any of them were born.
Janie has been working a lot lately and I have been busy.  The summer has passed quickly and it seems as though I have spent little time with my sweet wife.  I have a weeks vacation scheduled for mid October and plan to go hiking with my brother, Steve.  Janie will spend that week with her mother.  Our next vacation we will spend with each other.  God bless you.

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Stacie said...

That's cool! I never thought about grandchild #12 was born in 2012 and that #13 is due in 2013. :-)
It would be really neat if #14 was born in 2014.