Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Took this picture of Janie on Tuesday this week
I have purchased a new Bible software for my MAC Book Pro called "Accordance."  It is the best I have ever seen or used.  I am heavily into the Greek and Hebrew languages of the Bible along with the parsings and grammar of the original words of a text.  This software was written for a Mac and now that I have it my Mac is unadulterated.  I no longer run any programs in a "Windows" shell or environment.  Its all Mac OS X now.  I upgraded to the latest Mac OS and I really like it.
Janie and I have spent a lot of time this week visiting with various ones of our church.  On Monday I preached at the nursing home and took care of some business in town.  Tuesday we visited with the lady who runs the "Meals on Wheels" operation at our church to discuss some things.  We mailed the above picture off to a church in Palestine where Janie will be the guest speaker at a ladies event. We visited a couple who are members of our church that live in a small town north of Hillsboro. We visited at the assisted living facility here in Hillsboro where two of our church members reside. We returned there again today for a visit and then went by another of our church member's home for a visit and to take care of some business for our son Jason.  After a stop at the bank and post office we are now back home working away.  I just finished studying for tonight's lesson from Revelation and "Accordance" was a big help with that.  We will be leaving in the morning to head for Henderson to check on our mothers. 
I was sick Sunday night and for the first time in 17 years missed a church service due to illness.  I had migraine headache.  I had what I call a "Hezekiah" moment with the Lord in prayer (Isaiah 38:2) and he heard me.  My headache ceased completely at 6:47 pm Sunday.  It was the best headache I have ever had because it took me where I needed to go and it showed to me the glory of God.  God bless you.

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