Friday, July 20, 2012

The Test

Me and the grandkids at the Waco Zoo
The boys passed their test this morning.  Their behavior has been great and we have had a good time.  I took them to the park and let them stay as long as they wanted.  At 92 degrees it did not take long for them to want to go back the the A/C.  Jason and Angie will be here in just a few minutes and the kids seem excited about seeing them.  This afternoon I have some work I must get done so after hearing a report about camp I will head to the office. 
I will be teaching three lessons from the Song of Songs at church camp.  I will also preach Tuesday night at camp.  Camp is a really good time!  A little quiet time will be in order week after next and then 2 five day long revivals in August will be a good end to this busy summer.  God bless you.

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