Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Caleb copying Exodus chapter 20.
Well I just wanted to blog to let everyone know I am still alive.  Most people know this by way of Facebook.  It has been a busy summer so far and though Janie and I sleep in the same bed it has felt like we have seen nothing of each other this summer.  I go to bed around 11 or so and she goes to bed around 3:00 AM.  I get up and take care of grandkids while she sleeps.  I manage to get my work done in spite of the disruption to my schedule.  It has been good spending time with the grandkids and we have made some memories that they will not soon forget.  Jason and Angie are at church camp this week while we baby sit their kids.  We have had some fun with them and we have had some trouble as well.  The two older boys were scribes today.  They spent the day copying Exodus Chapter 20 and Deuteronomy chapter 5.  It was punishment for refusing to behave themselves.  It made for a quiet day for it took them all day to accomplish this task.  We will put them to the test in the morning to see if they have learned their lesson or not. 
Our Wednesday night class has really grown
This year has been unusual.  I have been stung twice by red wasps. I ate the hottest pepper I have ever eaten in my entire life. I got my doctor's degree. We had our whole family together at the same time.  We added two rooms to the cottage.  I lost a filling in a tooth and then fell asleep in the dentist chair before and during the filling of the tooth.  The dentist filled the tooth without gas or any deadening what so ever per my request.  I did not feel a bit of pain.  It was just odd to doze off while having a tooth filled.  I must have been really tired.  Our Wednesday night class has tripled in size this year.  I will become the second longest pastor Walnut Street Baptist church has had when I complete my 10th year this year.  2012 is truly going to be a year to remember.  God bless you.
Our Whole Family Together, including Sarah expecting our 13th Grandchild

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