Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pictures of my trip to California

At the bus Station in Dallas

A rest stop along the way

Palm Trees in California

The bus stop in Palm Springs

Steve and his friend Dave at the trail head

One of many stops on the trail to rest and take care of our feet

One of many incredible views along the trail

Taking pictures becomes less of a priority the more tired you get

Heading to the mountain peak you see in the distance.

I laid down for a while to rest while Steve went off trail to refill our water bottles.

We stopped after 8 miles for our first camp. The food was good.

We slept out under the stars the first night. The bugs were not a big problem. The temperature was about 55.

Steve posed for a picture Sunday

My turn to pose. We were feeling great this our second day on the trail. By the end of this day we were both badly dehydrated and I drank throughout the night 1 liter of Gatorade and 2 liters of water.

12 miles from where we had started 4 miles from where we had camped.

More vista pictures before I run low on battery. I took my solar charger and it worked very well charging the battery while I walked.

I was in bad shape here and did not know it. Dehydration was setting in.

4 more miles all up hill to water. By the time we got there my bottles were empty.

Steve pointing the direction home. We got water and camped at Apache Spring were we had to filter water from the spring.

Back on the trail and rehydrated Monday found us hiking through the trees. Still a lot of steep climbs.

I only took pictures when I was feeling good. The shade of the trees help.

One more of many stops to rest from a steep climb.

A real pretty section of the hike.

We are going around that rock.

At Cedar Spring to refill our water and drink plenty. We did not filter this spring water it was clear and cold. Our next water would be from a creek which we did filter.

Here is where we exited the trail to hike down to Idyllwild.

We spent the night in this cabin. A hot shower after 35 miles and 3 days on the trail was wonderful.

These two young ladies gave us a ride to our hotel. We had no cell phone signal at all. The hotel would come and pick us up but we could not call them.

Nice cabin

Very comfortable.

The tree next to our cabin. I slept very soundly that night!

Out front of the hotel.

We had pizza for supper and for breakfast the next morning. This picture is of fried pickles I had with my hamburger at lunch.

Waiting for Dave to pick us up. We enjoyed walking around Idyllwild visiting the shops and stores.

Dave and his wife whom we took out to eat in Banning where they live. A real sweet couple!

The view on our way to Dave's house.

We ate brunch with Dave then he waited with us for the bus to arrive. This windmill farm is at the station in Palm Springs.

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