Friday, October 26, 2012


Mother's lap quilt
There is a part of me that longs for the good old days.  This begs the question how old?  I do not want to return to the days of out houses and no electricity but simpler times with modern day toys would  be nice.  Cable TV, computers, smart phones, and the Internet are all things that help to keep one in touch with the happenings of the world, friends, and family.  This almost instantaneous access to news as it happens is nice and I really don't want to give it up. 
My Mother (picture taken today)
Mother was making a lap quilt today.  It was good to see her working at something she loves to do.  She complains about being bored and needing something to do.  I am not sure where she got the materials but I am glad she had them and the sewing machine.  She was very happy today.  She told me that she would most likely give the blanket away when she was through with it.  
I told mother all about my hiking trip with Steve and then took her out for lunch.  I gave her a tour of Kilgore showing her where I went to college and where she went to church the Sunday that Peggy came to see her.  I think she likes going for a ride.  When I said good bye I gave her a hug and I could tell she really wanted to get back to that quilt.  I love it when mother gives me a smile.
Janie plying her skills baby sitting while I plied mine plumbing
Our number 11 grandchild took her first steps today.  We baby set Naomi on Thursday while Sarah went for a check up at the doctor's.  Naomi will have a baby brother by the end of January.  She needs to get as much of a head start as she can to stay ahead of baby brother.  While we were there I hooked up Sarah's dishwasher.  It needed a few things from the hardware store and so a quick trip into town and a few minutes of work it was ready to go.  It seemed to make Sarah very happy.  Justin is going to build her a new set of kitchen cabinets and I can't wait to see them.  Justin is very good at making cabinets!
Janie and I find that it is often the case that our projects take a back seat to those of others.  We have much work to do at the cottage and at the parsonage yet it just seems right to put the needs of others ahead of our own.  My father criticized me once for not finishing projects that I started.  I pointed out to him the things that I had done instead of finishing my projects all of which were things to help someone else.  He called me later and apologized for being so critical of me.  It was the first time in my life that he ever apologized to me.  He had never had the need before.  I think that he realized that I was doing what he had taught me to do.  Our yard, our house, our car may not be as finished, clean, and nice as everyone else but I am content knowing that it is indeed more blessed to give than to receive.  God bless you. 

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