Monday, February 25, 2019

Give Me Two Wings

I woke up at 3:00 AM Sunday morning in Hillsboro Texas on my wife’s birthday February 24, 2019. I could not go back to sleep so I began to pray.  I had much on my mind and many things that I needed to ask God for so I rushed through the opening part of the praying to get to my requests.  I follow the model prayer usually and often I rush to get to the “Thy will be done” and “Give us this day our daily bread” part of the prayer.  But this time the Holy Spirit said “Not so fast.”  “We are not doing it that way this morning.”  Now lest you be concerned for my mental health let me assure you that I did not hear a voice.  The Holy Spirit speaks to my heart.  So having been rebuked I shut up.  This is the first time ever that I have been in a prayer and I was not doing the talking.  I mean prayer is me doing the talking is it not? But in this prayer the Holy Spirit did the talking.  My mind was suddenly filled with scriptures.  This is how I know it was the Holy Spirit for the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God.  Isaiah chapter six came to my mind and I could not move past it.  So I pictured myself in Isaiah’s place standing before the throne of God in Heaven.  Strangely I could not look at God.  I could not make myself look at God.  I could not picture me looking at God.  I am a man of unclean lips!  So I began to look for something else to focus on.  Then I saw the Seraphim.  Just like Isaiah saw them.  They each has six wings.  With two they covered their face with two they covered their feet and with two they did fly.  I pictured the one crying to the other “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of hosts! The whole earth is full of His glory!”  I pictured the shaking of the Temple at the sound of the voice.  Then it came to me that I wanted to be like those Seraphim.  I wanted to be close to God with such boldness as these Seraphim.  I wanted to see what they saw.  Why are they hiding their faces from me?  Why are they hiding their feet from me?  Then it came to me what I should ask for!  I said “Lord give me two wings that I may cover my face so that those who see me will see only Your grace.”  Then I asked “Lord give me two wings to cover my feet so that those who hear will not consider the messenger but only Your message that I bare.”  I then asked the Lord for two more wings so that I could soar.  I want to see like the Seraphim do that the whole earth is full of His Glory!  I then asked God to show me His glory.  What followed surprised me completely.  I thought He might show me some grand scene but instead as clear as could be I saw in my mind my mother-in-law lying in bed.  This is a place where I have spent many many hours with my wife.  We feed her, clean her, care for her hours on end.  I don’t get it.  What is this?  I ask to see God’s glory and He shows me this?  Then my mind was flooded again with scripture.  The man born blind, Judas betraying Jesus, Peter’s death…. So many things which bring glory to God that don’t seem to our eyes to be glorious.  Then I understood.  He gave me two wings so I could soar and see that the whole earth is full of God’s glory. 

I rose from bed and went and wrote a poem.  I then worked up the sermon that God wanted me to preach that morning from Isaiah chapter six.  I entitled the poem and the sermon “Give Me Two Wings.”  When I got to the pulpit that Sunday Morning He gave me two wings to cover my face and He gave me two wings to cover my feet and for the rest of my life I will use two wings to soar above the fray and to see in everything God’s awesome Glory.

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